We have launched an Appeal “Sustaining Success” to raise vital funds to continue our commitment towards our new Young Artists. 


In September this year, we shall start to welcome our new group of exceptionally talented singers and repetiteurs to the Studio, but it will be at a time that can now only be described as unprecedented and uncertain.  Notwithstanding the enormous challenges ahead, we have a responsibility to our new intake of Young Artists to provide as much training and subsistence as possible, and at NOS we remain committed to delivering to them the usual high level of coaching, resilience training, residency programmes, performance and audition experiences for which NOS is renowned. 


What is more, by special arrangement with the Nicholas John Trust, we have been given the wonderful opportunity for additional* donations to be match-funded up to a limit of £50,000, meaning that if we can successfully raise £50,000 it will immediately be worth £100,000 to us.  (*To qualify for match-funding, your donation must be more than you have kindly given to NOS in the last year.)


However, we want to stress that ALL donations, at any level, will be warmly received and hugely appreciated. 


Messages from our Appeal Patrons

Hear from Appeal Patrons, Susan Bullock CBE (1984/85 Alumna) and Nicky Spence (2009/10)


Messages from recent Young Artists

Young Artists' Alexandra Lowe (2019/20) and Benson Wilson (2019/20) talk about what the National Opera Studio means to them.


Thank you for helping us achieve this goal.