First Round is by video submission via YAP Tracker. You must submit at least three audition pieces, of which:

all should be opera (no song or oratorio);

at least two languages should be represented;

at least one should be in English;

at least one should be from a contemporary opera (post-1980)

You may, if you wish, record additional arias (up to a maximum of four). You are welcome to bring a post-1980 English aria.

At least two of your recordings must be made in an audition setting with live piano accompaniment. Recordings must be in one take and your pianist must be in shot. Additional recordings may be of you in concert. Submissions of you in opera productions will not be accepted.

All videos must be recorded no earlier than June 2022. 

Please name all of your videos in the following format:
Applicant First Name_Applicant Surname_Aria_Composer

If you are invited to a Final Round audition you may, if you wish, bring the same arias as the ones you submitted for your First Round audition. Most of the Final Round audition panel will not have viewed your First Round audition.

Please check out our 'Video requirements and Guidance for First Round Auditions.


You must prepare two scenes from contrasting operas. Both scenes should involve at least two characters. You will be asked to play whilst singing in the vocal lines.

If you're invited to a Second and Final Round audition, you may perform the same pieces as your First Round audition.