What was your most memorable moment at NOS? 

There are so many to choose from, but I would have to say our first day at the Studio. Although very nerve-racking, it was so nice to have sat in a circle in the hall with all Young Artists and staff, introducing ourselves, and to think how far we come since then, and the amazing friendships and memories that have been built. I would say our first public performance and our first production as Young Artists was pretty special as well. A final memorable moment was our final concert and Wandsworth Wednesday recital  as Young Artists, this was also very special and emotional at the same time, and it meant a lot that I could sing my favourite Welsh song, ‘Llanrwst’, along with everybody else. 

What opportunities have come out of your time with us? 

The list is endless! But of course our residencies at WNO, Opera North, Scottish Opera and ENO have been incredible. Both learning from professionals to collaborating together as Young Artists with the company orchestras and staff to make such unique performances from a variety of music and genres. Personally, one of the best opportunities was working with professional artists, including a masterclass that I took part in at ROH with tenor Gregory Kunde, this was incredible valuable and special to me, and something that doesn’t come around very often!

What have you learnt at NOS? 

I have learnt so many things, but the biggest thing I’ve learnt is to listen to advice from coaches, and to trust my instincts. This has by far been a something I value incredibly, and to try be pro-active when receiving advice, as I know this will only make me a better singer and person. I also have learnt not to be afraid of making mistakes, as this is how we learn and develop.

Has being at NOS influenced the way you approach learning music or a role? 

Absolutely. We’ve been fortunate at NOS to have performed, worked and researched into a wide range of music, from mainstream repertoire, to Baroque music and Contemporary music. I’ve learnt as well as learning all the music elements of notes and dynamics etc, how important learning each characters objectives and purposes as a whole role or in a scene or aria. This is incredibly vital when learning music or a role, and can help yourself to put your own interpretation on roles and connect with the music even better.

What other aspects of the training at NOS have helped you in your musical and artistic development? 

Without a doubt I have learnt there is so much more to an artist than just the standing and singing element. NOS has taught us the importance of being a collaborative colleague, whether that is within a group, or with staff, but to understand your individual role within a group and also others and how you can contribute positively. I have also learnt the important of presenting yourself well both on stage and off stage, when interacting and communicating with people, and it’s always nice to give something back to individuals such as sponsors, coaches and families.

The first word or thing that comes to mind when I think of NOS is family. As well as the incredible opportunities of learning and exposure, the culture at NOS amongst colleagues and staff is so warm and supportive, and it feels like we are all one big family. Everybody is always on hand both colleagues and staff for whatever we need, and are always so kind and helpful. I find this such a special feeling for me as a young man from little Wales, and something I will cherish for a long time. Words can’t describe how grateful and overwhelmed I am from everybody involved. Diolch.