Gus Christie, grandson of John Christie and Audrey Mildmay, founders of the Glyndebourne Festival, became Executive Chairman of Glyndebourne in 2000, taking over from his father George Christie. He took over a healthy and robust organisation and has overseen a significant increase in the organisation’s turnover. Under his leadership, Glyndebourne has led the way in taking opera to a wider audience through cinema, international television and live online broadcasts, and continues to win prestigious awards for its productions.  

Gus graduated from King’s College, London with a degree in zoology.  He worked in various theatres before working as a cameraman for Partridge Films from 1989-91. He went freelance in 1991 and worked on various natural history documentaries. His interest in natural history sparked an ambition to develop an environmental strategy for Glyndebourne and in 2012 the organisation launched a 67 metre wind turbine to power the opera house via renewable energy.