Dr Ralph Strehle is the Director of the Mascarade Opera Studio and Head of Education for the Mascarade Opera Foundation. Ralph is a leading expert on peak-performance psychology and was formerly the Associate Head of Vocal Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Ralph works frequently as a guest performance coach and lecturer at institutions across Europe, such as: the National Opera Studio, the Norwegian Academy of Music, the Hamburg International Opera Studio, the New Generation Festival, the Kiri Te Kawana Foundation and most recently the Cardiff Singer of the World. Ralph’s work has been the subject of articles in Opera Now, Classical Music Magazine and many other publications. Ralph’s experience and expertise in quality assurance and educational management, in particular implementing and monitoring strategies and structures for the artistic and professional development of singers, equips him with a wide and unique skill set. His areas of expertise include effective practice techniques, performance profiling, audition and competition preparation, the design of individual psychological skills training programmes for musicians and peak performance workshops. During his time at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland he led the institution’s European Championship 2018 involvement, creating cultural and artistic collaborations between the UdK Berlin, the National Youth Orchestra of Scotland and the conservatoire. He is currently writing his second PhD in the field of music psychology measuring and comparing motivation of music students in a variety of performance contexts.