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It’s very hard to express the importance of my year at the studio in only a few lines. The skills I learned there are things I put into practice every single day. It marked the end of my formal studies as a singer, and at the same time was the seminal experience of my life as a working artist. I will be forever grateful for my time there and the staff who coached, encouraged and refined me.

Bendict Nelson
NOS Alumnus (2008/09)

Our Young Artist Benefactors are a loyal group of supporters who choose to support our Young Artists, their donations are in support of individual artists whom they are able to meet at events and observe in coaching sessions.

Young Artist Benefactors' support is acknowledged in concert programmes and on our website. In addition, you will receive advanced notice of our concerts, recitals and other events.    

For more information, or to discuss your support, please contact:

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Head of Philanthropy
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