Once you have registered on YAP Tracker, you can log in and view the NOS online application form. You then need to enter all the information you can provide into the form. The form also asks you to upload a headshot.

On the form, we ask you to pay the £15 fee by card. The link to pay will be on the application form, but it is not paid through the YAP tracker website.

When you are sure everything is correct, click submit. After this, you will need to log back in to YAP Tracker regularly, to check whether your referees have submitted their references.

You do not need to pay for a YAP Tracker membership in order to apply to the NOS. Free 'guest' memberships are available on YAP Tracker for those who only wish to have access to the NOS application form. You can use your free 'guest' membership account to apply to the NOS, but you will not have access to listings / opportunities from other companies on YAP Tracker. When you sign up for the free 'guest' membership, you will be given a username and password to use every time you want to look at the status of your NOS application.

If you have problems uploading any part of your application or have other technical issues with YAP Tracker, please contact the YAP Tracker help team on [email protected]. We recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to submit your application before the deadline, just in case you experience technical difficulties.