Our basic filming package is perfect for audition videos and doesn’t require a technician or videographer - just an SD card!* Through the use of our self-record station, hirers can film themselves using a locked-off shot from the centre mounted HD camera in the Blackburn Hall. Audio is fed from the hung microphones in the centre of the Hall. You will be able to see the recordings in real time through a computer monitor and even watch back if needed. Your performances are recorded onto an SD card to take home with you straight away for editing.

Contact [email protected] to discuss your filming requirements with a member of our team.

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What's included

Hall & Lighting
Blackburn Hall, lighting rig
and piano

2x Schoeps hanging
ambient microphones

- 1 x Fixed 4k Panasonic
PTZ Camera
- Blackmagic: Hyperdeck
Studio Hd Mini
No Technician Required
Setup Time

£65 per hour

*SD card not provided