The First Round of auditions will be by video submission, and you will be asked to submit your recordings by 11:59pm on Thursday 13 January 2022. All applications must be submitted using YAP Tracker and there will be a fee of £25 which will include the submission of your first round video audition. We would like to reassure every applicant that all videos submitted will be viewed in their entirety at least twice.

Your videos must adhere to the following requirements:

  • You should record three arias, of which;
    • all should be opera (no song or oratorio);
    • at least two languages should be represented;
    • at least one should be in English;
    • at least one should come from a contemporary opera (post-1980).

You may, if you wish, record additional arias (up to a maximum of five audition pieces). You are welcome to bring a post-1980 English aria.

Please note that:

  • Videos must be recorded no earlier than September 2021. 

  • Each aria should be recorded in a single take. A video edited together from multiple takes will not be accepted. We don't mind multiple camera angles as long as the switching between cameras was carried out live. 

  • Each submission doesn't need to be recorded within the same recording session. The only requirement is that all submissions are recorded within the last three months.

  • Recordings must be made entirely live, with piano accompaniment. We are accepting submissions that use a pre-recorded piano accompaniment. If a pianist is present, they must be in shot.

  • The video files may be submitted in any of the following file formats:
    • AVI (Audio Video Interleave)
    • FLV (Flash Video Format)
    • WMV (Windows Media Video)
    • MOV (Apple QuickTime Movie)
    • MP4 or MPEG-4 (Moving Pictures Expert Group 4)
  • Videos should be uploaded to the "My Profile" section of YAP Tracker, then added to your application form.
  • You may also upload your videos to Youtube and supply links as part of your form.
  • The recordings must not have any audio editing (including but not limited to reverb, equalisation or auto-tuning).

  • We do not stipulate any minimum requirements for the quality of the video recording, however, the panel must be able to see and hear you clearly.

  • Each recording file size must be less than 2gb.

  • The titles of each file should be labelled with your full name, the aria title and the opera from which it is taken

  • The recordings must be submitted through YAP Tracker in order to be considered.

If you have questions about your recordings, please contact [email protected]