The policy outlines the National Opera Studio’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint, promote eco-friendly behaviours, to operate an environmentally responsible institution and substain our building. The NOS aims to reduce its negative impact on the environment and to use resources with increasing efficiency over time. We encourage customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to do the same.



  • To minimise the use of natural resources and our negative impact on the environment in our day to day activities;
  • To adopt part of our outside space for bicycles to encourage more Young Artists, staff, coaches and clients to cycle to the Studio;
  • Where possible, to use non-polluting and efficient forms of of energy;
  • To encourage Young Artists, staff, coaches and clients to use scrap paper for notes;
  • To change all lamps to low emission lights;
  • To actively promote recycling and operate a clear recycling system;
  • To work towards a more paperless office;
  • To aim for Wandsworth’s Best Green Business and/or the Carbon Trust Standard award.


What we are already doing to reach our objectives:

We work with Julie’s Bicycle to help monitor our environmental efforts, and to seek guidance and advice. We have also developed an action plan to outline our intentions and act as a clear guide regarding our efforts. Both of these actions have resulted in increased use of zero- and low carbon- forms of transport, changing to an opt-in printed schedule scheme, and clear recycling guidelines. We will continue to prioritise sustainability and share best practice with other arts venues and community organisations. We are already reaching our objectives by:

  1. Encouraging increased use of zero and low carbon forms of transport amongst audiences and staff. This includes: walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing;
  2. Switching off or switching to a low setting all the heating systems whilst the building is closed;
  3. Switching off all lights in spaces that are not being used;
  4. Fitting restricted flow rate taps and toilets throughout the building (we save 1604904 litres of water per year and approximately 21.8 tonnes of CO2);
  5. Using YAPTracker, an online audition application system (rather than processing hard-copy application forms);
  6. Sending music scores and schedules to Young Artists digitally instead of hard copies;
  7. Requesting suppliers and coaches to send their invoices digitally;
  8. digitising much administrative paperwork;
  9. Updating our air-conditioning system to one that is more energy efficient;
  10. Monitoring the amount of printed marketing materials that we order to prevent over-ordering and to reduce work;
  11. Combining print orders to reduce the number of deliveries;
  12. Only using printers who have a current environmental policy and are committed to off-setting their carbon footprint;
  13. Regularly co-ordinating maintenance checks on our building to make sure that it is environmentally efficient. 


What we will do:

  • Monitor and record Young Artists’ carbon emissions for travelling to/from regional residencies and off-set this either through donation or reduction in carbon usage at the Studio;
  • Expand on the environmental information in our Welcome pack to include methods of getting to the Studio, switching lights off when leaving a room etc;
  • Encourage staff/ Young Artists/ coaches and clients to use scrap paper for notes;
  • Reduce our energy consumption through behavioural change;
  • Increase our recycling rate, and continue to recycle paper, card, cans and plastics;
  • Ensure where possible that our suppliers are committed to environmental issues;
  • Use eco-friendly products where practical;
  • Move towards paperless systems for office administration, including financial systems where possible;
  • Create a lighting plan which will help us move towards more eco-friendly lighting throughout the building;
  • Make all donation and gift aid forms available digitally;
  • Continue to do everything that we have mentioned in the Environmental Policy to achieve our objectives.



The National Opera Studio recognises its responsibility to operate in an ethical and environmentally responsible manner. All employees and board members have a responsibility to ensure that the aims and objectives of our policy are met. This policy will be communicated to all staff,  board members, contractors and suppliers, will be available for the public and will be reviewed annually to monitor it’s relevance.


Updated March 2018.