Cancellation and rescheduling

First Round Application

There will be no refund of the £15 application fee after a submitted application has been made on YAP Tracker.

Second Round Auditions

Should you need to cancel your Second Round audition following payment of the £40 fee, you must do so by emailing [email protected] at your earliest convenience. 

If an audition is cancelled on or before Friday 2 February 2024, NOS will refund £25 of the audition fee to allow for costs incurred through YAP Tracker and administrative time. After Friday 2 February 2024, the audition fee will be non-refundable.

If you need to reschedule your audition time, please email [email protected]. If it is possible to accommodate your request, we will do so at no extra cost to you. If it is impossible for us to reschedule your audition, you must either keep your original time or cancel, in which case NOS will be under no obligation to refund your audition fee.