First Round Audition

Applications must be made via the YAP Tracker website which will include a fee of £15. 

The following will be required:

  • Recordings of two audition pieces, both of which should be opera (not a song or oratorio). Ideally, two languages should be represented, and we advise you to choose contrasting pieces, so as to best demonstrate your vocal, musical, and dramatic skills.

        • Each recording must consist of a single take without editing, and your pianist must be in shot. You are allowed to use multiple camera angles if you wish, providing all the footage comes from the same take. Videos of you singing in opera productions will not be accepted. All videos must have been recorded within the last six months.

        • These videos must be uploaded to YouTube. Please label the videos with the following format: Aria_Opera_Composer. Please do not include your name as part of the video title. On your YAP Tracker application, you will be asked to provide a link to these videos.  

  • Two references by industry professionals. The recommendations must be written specifically for the application and uploaded by the referees directly to the YAP Tracker website. References should be written by music or theatre professionals (for example directors, agents, established singers, accompanists, heads of departments), but not your current teacher or any previous teachers.

  • A recent photograph

  • A short application form completed on the YAP Tracker website.

  • A completed Equal Opportunities questionnaire completed on the YAP Tracker website. This information will not be made available to the audition panel, but will help NOS to monitor and be accountable for its equal opportunities and diversity objectives.

Results of the first round audition will be sent via email week commencing Monday 22 January 2024.

We would like to reassure every applicant that both videos submitted in an application will have been viewed in their entirety at least twice.

Watch the short video below for some advice on repertoire from our Head Coach.