You are required to submit two references by Monday 26 February at 11.59pm.

References should be written by music or theatre professionals (for example directors, agents, established singers, accompanists, heads of departments), but not your current teacher or any previous teachers.

The recommendations must be written specifically for the application and sent by the referees to [email protected]

It is your responsibility to make sure that your referee knows where to send the reference. Make sure to remind them in plenty of time. 

References should ideally refer to the following:

  • how the referee knows you and how long they have known you.
  • their opinion on your:
    • stage presence
    • musicality
    • command of languages
    • reliability
    • learning speed
    • working relationships with colleagues. 

Where possible, references should be written in English. However, references in German, French, Italian or Russian will also be accepted.

There is no word limit for references. However, as we receive so many applications, it helps if references are concise and relevant.