Diverse Voices grew out of a commitment within the professional opera community to collaborate and provide opportunities for singers at all stages of their development who might otherwise not find pathways to the opera stage.

In 2016, the National Opera Studio commissioned a report titled "The Future of Opera Training in the UK." This report garnered support from the Arts Council, Help Musicians UK, and the broader UK opera community. One significant recommendation highlighted the importance of increased diversity within the opera sector, focusing on the training of diverse talent.

Towards the end of 2018, following consultations and research, the National Opera Studio organized a conference in Birmingham. This event brought together representatives from the opera, music education, and music-theatre communities, along with agents, funders, and casting specialists. Over 80 individuals attended, representing approximately 30 organizations. During the conference, the Studio presented an initial model for Diverse Voices, which was thoroughly examined and discussed. The need for such a program received unanimous support, accompanied by pledges of encouragement and commitment to action.

In February 2020, NOS received a three-year grant from the ACE Lottery Fund to launch the Diverse Voices Programme. However, due to the impact of COVID-19, activities were put on hold. In 2022, efforts were initiated to reestablish partnerships and redefine the program's scope. Presently, we are actively planning and implementing activities across multiple levels.