National Talent Programme

The National Talent Programme is designed to support Young Artists on a part-time, flexible basis. This represents the highest level of support we offer through our Diverse Voices Programme, with all coaching and classes running alongside the Global Talent Programme (GTP).

In the 2022/23 season, we welcomed our first National Talent Programme Young Artist. For our 2023/24 season, we are expanding this opportunity to support two National Talent Programme Young Artists.

As part of the National Talent Programme, we develop bespoke training to support the unique needs of each artist while accommodating any professional commitments they might have. The training includes coaching, mentoring, skills development, and stagecraft classes, along with recital performance opportunities.

My time on the National Talent Programme has been extremely valuable and enjoyable. I have been able to take my singing to a new level and I’ve had the opportunity to expand my repertoire in a safe and nurturing environment, as well as enhance my skills. I feel that this training has given me the tools to make my own artistic choices. The team has been supportive, flexible, and inclusive throughout, and this has allowed me to continue following my own path, taking on unusual projects and celebrating the qualities that make me different and unique, whilst also gaining more confidence to present myself in the standard operatic repertoire. I hope that the National Talent Programme continues to grow and to nurture and inspire diverse talent from all backgrounds

– Natasha Agarwal, 2022-2023 NTP YA

2023/24 National Talent Programme Young Artists

Moloko Letsoalo

Shafali Jalota

Who is the National Talent Programme for?

  • The National Talent Programme is for UK-resident or UK-born singers who identify as a member of the global majority.
  • While no prior formal training is necessary, Young Artists on the National Talent Programme are expected to be singing at a high level.
  • Artists on the National Talent Programme should seek to use the training they receive during their time at NOS to help them prepare for a career on British opera stages.
  • Training is offered on a part-time basis and is designed to compliment an NTP artist's professional work.

How is this different to the Global Talent Programme?

  • While National Talent Programme Young Artists may partake in group classes with the Global Talent Programme Young Artists, they are not involved in partner company residencies or stage productions.
  • The Global Talent Programme is a full-time programme with 12 Young Artist singers and 4 repetiteurs. Further information about the Global Talent Programme can be found here.

How much does it cost?

  • Any training offered through the National Talent Programme and Diverse Voices Programme is completely free of charge.

Is any other financial support offered?

  • Currently, unlike the Young Artists on the Global Talent Programme, we are unable to offer any financial or maintenance support for singers involved with the National Talent Programme.

When can I audition?

  • Audition details for the 2024/25 season are yet to be announced. In the meantime, please register your interest by emailing [email protected]