For over 40 years the National Opera Studio has enabled talented young musicians to become the leading artists of their generation. Please help us continue by leaving a legacy to ensure future generations can benefit from our work. We are very grateful for every bequest we receive. 

By remembering the National Opera Studio in your will, you will be helping to guarantee that our world-class training can continue. Gifts can be directed to a specific project but unspecified bequests enable us to put funds where they are most needed.

Bequests to a charity can be an effective way to reduce the total amount of tax liable on your estate. There are several types of legacy that you may wish to consider. Gifts can be a specified sum of money, a proportion of your residuary estate or an item or asset. Your solicitor can advise you on the different ways in which your assets can be distributed and ensure your intentions are expressed in the correct legal terms. 

Amending an existing will is straightforward: a codicil is added to reflect the change in your wishes. Your solicitor can advise you on the correct way in which to do this to ensure that the amendment is legally valid.

To discuss your legacy with us, please contact:

Robert Moffat

Head of Philanthropy
[email protected] 
+44 (0) 20 8874 8811 

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