2020/21 Young Artists Philip Clieve (Tenor) and Nadya Kisseleva (Piano) perform 'It is a curious story', from Britten's The Turn of The Screw.

In Philip's words: 'Britten holds a very special place in my heart. Peter Grimes was the first opera I saw, and singing the Male Chorus gave me confidence in finding my tenor voice. I find that Britten allows you to be expressive and articulate without sacrificing musical integrity, the music is able to stand up to so many different interpretations (compare both Pears‘ and Vickers’ Grimes). The Prologue of “The Turn of the Screw” is interesting because it foreshadows the events of the opera, the screw theme (motif of rising fourths) is introduced as the tenor describes the governesses problem and the interest for the singer is to try and foreshadow the events to come whilst remaining neutral. The cerebral work of the aria far surpasses the vocal taxations.'