12:40 was a landmark project from the National Opera Studio and Second Movement, working with 40 creative artists to create twelve brand new operatic arias. These arias were then brought together into one production at London's Hoxton Hall in June 2018.

Download the production programme here:

The filming took place at 2.30pm on Friday 15 June 2018.

Running-order (time-code):

‘The Undeniable Loneliness of Whale Evolution’ from Indus (3:05)
Composed by Cameron Dodds, libretto by Ruth Mariner 

Bethan Langford mezzo-soprano, Satoshi Kubo répétiteur

‘Rosina’ from Fallout (11:14)
Composed by Bushra El Turk, libretto by Cordelia Lynn

Carly Owen Soprano, Florent Mourier répétiteur

‘Howell’s Decision’ from Keeping the Light (18:16)
Composed by Lewis Murphy, libretto by Laura Attridge

Edmund Danon baritone, Igor Horvat répétiteur

‘I lace my boots’ from SCRUM: A Method for Restarting Play (24:50)
Composed by Na’ama Zisser, libretto by Samantha Newton

Andrew Henley tenor, Igor Horvat répétiteur

‘The Handbag Aria’ from Loitadora (“Fighter”) (29:22)
Composed by Samantha Fernando, libretto by Rebecca Hurst

Lorena Paz Nieto soprano, Erika Gundesen répétiteur

‘Hiraeth’ from Hiraeth (“Belonging”) (35:19)
Composed by Hannah Kendall, libretto by Tessa McWatt

Emyr Wyn Jones bass-baritone, Satoshi Kubo répétiteur

‘Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Mengirimkan Pesan Kepada Raja Muda’ (“The People’s Council Sends a Message to the Viceroy”) from Bagaimana Sang Insinyur Agung Minus Teh Bersama Sultan, Dan Apa Yang Terdengar Oleh Bayangan Mereka Yang Memanjang (“How The Great Engineer Took Tea With The Sultan, And What Their Lengthening Shadows Heard”) (42:31)
Composed by Christian Mason, libretto by Oge Nwosu

Satriya Krisna tenor, Satoshi Kubo répétiteur

‘Sole nell’ ombra’ from Black Sun (51:09)
Composed by Tom Randle, libretto by Bechara Moufarrej and Tom Randle

Bechara Mouffarej tenor, Igor Horvat répétiteur

‘Alice’ from An opera as yet untitled (57:35)
Composed by Philip Venables, libretto by Ted Huffman

Daniel Shelvey tenor, Florent Mourier répétiteur

‘The Frog Prince’ from Alchemy (1:02:20)
Composed by Sally Beamish, libretto by Peter Thomson

Polly Leech mezzo-soprano, Erika Gundesen répétiteur

‘Nobody Cries’ from Salvage (1:10:57)
Composed by Benjamin Tassie, libretto by Jacqueline Saphra

Feargal Mostyn-Williams counter-tenor, Erika Gundesen répétiteur

‘Where No Bell Tolls’ from The Barefoot Dancer & The Demon of the Belfry (1:18:28)
Composed by Rosabella Gregory, libretto by Dina Soraya Gregory

Sinéad O’Kelly mezzo-soprano, Florent Mourier répétiteur

Please note that this performance does include some strong language.

Production Team:

David Sulkin - Director
Mark Shanahan and Jeremy Silver - Music Preparation
Alex Groves - Sound Designer
Markus Tarasenko Fadum - Lighting Designer
Karen Halliday - Choreographer
Morgan Veazey - Costume Coordinator
Susan Burns - Stage Manager

Abigail Toland - Production Partner (Second Movement)
Natalya Best-Forbes - Project Coordinator

All the clothes for this production were designed and generously donated by Margaret Howell.

12:40 was produced in partnership with Second Movement and in association with the Librettist Network with the generous support of the Nicholas John Trust.

With thanks to:
Lighting Systems at the Royal Opera House for the loan of a haze machine, and Hoxton Hall for the provision of lighting and special effects equipment.

© National Opera Studio 2018. All works licensed under contract.