Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a worldwide initiative transforming how neurodiverse individuals are perceived. The week celebrates the talents and advantages of neurodiversity whilst also creating a platform to challenge the stereotypes and misconceptions that come with it. 

To mark this celebration, we spoke to three of our Young Artists, Beren Kader Fidan (Soprano), Laura Fleur (Mezzo-soprano) and Jack Holton (Baritone), about their experiences of neurodiversity. 

I think as an artist, it's advantageous because it means I can form ideas and make work that is original.

Jack Holton

I was really hiding my emotions, hiding my cry, my tears, and now I don't really hide them. If I need to cry, I cry, and it gives me a type of freedom and acceptance because this is who I am, and I'm confident, and I don't need to hide that.

Beren Kader Fidan

...knowing that just because your process is different to a neurotypical person doesn't mean it's any worse, any better, it's just the way you work and it might actually create something that makes you think outside of the box, which is really creative and fun. 

Laura Fleur